Human Anatomy, Animal Cells, Plant Cells, Oh My!

human anatomy felt setHuman Anatomy Felt Set

A little over a year ago we introduced the human anatomy felt set and within a few days, it went viral.  From Pinterest shares, Facebook likes, blog posts, and several different hospital and organizational acclaims, the human anatomy felt set changed the way that kids all over the world were learning about their basic organ, organ systems, and the human body itself.  It has survived many imitations that have come and gone and several attempts at knock offs that were quickly squelched by all of the Cake in the Morn fans.  High five to everyone for keeping the human anatomy felt set alive and well!

Models of CellsAnimal Cell Model

Shortly after releasing the human anatomy felt set, I was approached by someone interested in an animal cell felt set done in the similar style as the human anatomy set and just this past week someone else interested in a plant cell felt set.  I jumped on the opportunity and here they are!  From ribosomes and mitochondria to plant cell walls and little bits of DNA, both felt sets are here for you and your child to learn again and again about power packed cells and how they function.  Each set comes with a laminated fact card with quick, detailed information about each organelle and a brief explanation of what the organelles roll is in cell development.  Compare and contrast the two cells, learn why plant cells have a large vacuole, or storage space, where as animal cells are more fluid with smaller vacuoles throughout.  What is mitochondria and what do they do?  Pick up the pieces, move them around, take apart and rebuild your cells over and over as you explore these wee little power packed machines.Plant Cell Model

I am brainstorming a nice way to combine all three of these into a great biology quiet book  - stay tuned for more details!  Have a suggestion?  Leave a comment and share what you think!




2 Responses to Human Anatomy, Animal Cells, Plant Cells, Oh My!

  • Lauri Love
    October 7, 2013

    I’m a home schooling mother from Oregon. I home schooled my first four K-12 and they are now either getting their Masters or completing degrees in college…one more to graduate this year! I am home schooling our fifth child who is currently 10 yrs. old. I just ordered/received your “Human Anatomy” felt set and have made my way to your site via the business card included in the packaging.

    • Heidi
      October 7, 2013

      Hi Lauri!
      Welcome!! Wow, you are so amazing and I am sure a huge wealth of knowledge! What an inspiration! I am so glad you came by and I hope that you and your 10y/o are having a great time playing and learning with the human anatomy set. If you have any questions and certainly any recommendations for other felt sets or other homeschool related things that you felt helped your kids over the years, please let me know! I would love to chat sometime! :) Heidi

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